About Us

The Flamefast range of foundry and engineering training equipment continues to provide high quality and cost-effective solutions to the UK and world education sector.


Flamefast was established in Manchester in the early 1970’s and since that date have been a major innovator in educational training solutions.

Flamefast have gone from strength to strength by manufacturing and installing quality foundry workshop solutions for schools, colleges and universities worldwide and in more recent years have offered a more comprehensive range of equipment in areas such as :

  • Automotive Training Workshops
  • Welding Workshop Solutions
  • CNC Plasma Cutting Solutions
  • Wood Dust/Fume Extraction Solutions
  • CAD/CAM Laser cutter/engravers

In 2013 the company moved to brand new Headquarters and manufacturing facility in Warrington Cheshire.




Flamefast Gas Safety

Flamefast are also market leaders in Gas Proving/Interlocking Systems and CO2 detection solutions.

Direct link: https://flamefast-gas-safety.co.uk