Air Conditioning Trainer with faults - AC-FFF6

Air Conditioning Trainer with faults - AC-FFF6

AC-FFF6 - Fully operational Air Conditioning Trainer (AC-0101) with six inbuilt faults. Continue reading


  • Model AC-FFF6
  • Size (cm) 36 X 38 X 43H
  • Net Weight (kg) 11.5

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Fully operational Air Conditioning Trainer (AC-0101) with six inbuilt faults. Allowing student to test and determine common Air Conditioning faults/problems.

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Key Features

  • Fault 1: Open circuit in 12 volt supply to Trinary switch relay RL1 inactive
    Symptom: Compressor clutch does not cut in
  • Fault 2: Open circuit in evaporator fan speed circuit causing the fan not to work on second speed
    Symptom: Second speed of evaporator fan not working
  • Fault 3: Short circuit causing evaporator fan to run continuously
    Symptom: Evaporator fan will not switch off
  • Fault 4: Fault in temperature control circuit symptom compressor will not cut out once engaged
    Symptom: Temperature control only works in one position and then will not switch off causing pipe work to freeze back
  • Fault 5: Condenser fan will not operate, N.B. Trinary switch should cut compressor out between 24 & 26 bar.
    Symptom: Condenser fan not working causing an increase of pressure on the high side and the system is shut down by the trinary switch overload.
  • Fault 6: Evaporator fan will not operate causing pipe work to freeze back.
    Symptom: Evaporator fan not working causing low side to drop in pressure and temperature control not to operate correctly. Pipe work will also freeze back.
  • Fault: 7: Close shut off valve to simulate a blocked orifice in the expansion valve.
    Symptom: Valve shut off simulating a blocked orifice, the low side pressure drops to zero and the compressor overloads.


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Air Conditioning Trainer with 7 faults


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