Motronic Trainer - ER-FF7865

Motronic Trainer - ER-FF7865

ER-FF7865 - Vaux/Opel/Isuzu 2.0 Motronic Trainer Continue reading


  • Model ER-FF7865
  • Size (cm) 110 X 120 X 1300H
  • Net Weight (kg) 250
  • Gross Weight (kg) N/A

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Fully operational petrol engine rig, complete with fuel, cooling, exhaust and ignition systems. Based on a Vauxhall/Opel 2.0 OHC Petrol Engine, complete with Bosch Motronic M1.5 multi-point fuel injection system
and electronic ignition system.

*Images are for reference only and may differ from the final product

Key Features

  • Typically C20NE engine code
  • Fitted with manufacturers diagnostic socket (10 pin)
  • Engine Rig mounted on a self-contained stand complete with castors
  • Supply voltage 12 volts DC
  • Rotating parts covered by mesh guards
  • Powder coated paint finish
  • Warranty 24 months from date of delivery
  • CE Certification


View FileER-FF7865 Vaux/Opel/Isuzu 2.0 Motronic Trainer


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Specifications / Additional Info


(POFF) Pin out facility on all electrical components using ⌀2mm sockets enabling 'real-time' values to be taken without compromising the wiring harness.

(F10FF) Ten fault, fault insertion contained in a lockable box.

(R360FF) Revolving engine frame with 60:1 reduction gearbox.

(GB-CLFF) Gearbox complete with clutch & clutch pedal.

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