Petrol Engine- FF5150

Petrol Engine- FF5150

FF5150 - Fiat 4 Cylinders Petrol Engine (Longitudinally Mounted) With L-Jetronic Electronic Ignition and Rear Wheel-Drive (on stand with wheels) - Electrical Continue reading


  • Model FF5150 & FF5152
  • Size (cm) 80 x 140 x 110 h
  • Net Weight (kg) 140 kg
  • Gross Weight (kg) 200 kg

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The engine operates electrically at 220 volts and runs at a reduced speed to let students easily understand and observe the operation of the various mechanical parts.

This cutaway model is carefully sectioned for training purposes, professionally painted with different colours to better differentiate the various parts, cross-sections, lubricating circuits, fuel systems, cooling system etc. Many parts have been chromium plated and galvanised for a longer life.

*Picture is for reference only and may differ from the final product

Key Features

  • Displacement 2000cu. cm approx
  • 2 overhead camshaft
  • Multipoint electronic injection
  • 4 in-line cylinders
  • Gearbox 5 forward speeds plus reverse
  • Max power 140 hp
  • Electronic ignition


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Fiat 4 cylinders petrol engine (longitudinally mounted) with L-Jetronic electronic injection front wheel-drive (on stand with wheels) - Electrical

Same as FF5150 with gearbox 5 forward speeds + reverse and integrated differential and FRONT wheel drive

*Picture is for reference only and may differ from the final product

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