Flamefast DS430S Chip Forge and Brazing Hearth

Flamefast DS430S Chip Forge and Brazing Hearth

The DS430S is a combined Ceramic Chip Forge and Brazing Hearth with fail-safe controls. Continue reading


  • Model DS430S (with Varivac hood)
  • Size (cm) 104 X 55 X 100H
  • Net Weight (kg) N/A
  • Gross Weight (kg) N/A
  • Model DS430S (without Varivac hood)
  • Size (cm) 104 X 55 X 180H
  • Net Weight (kg) N/A
  • Gross Weight (kg) N/A

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The forge has a single phase whisper quiet integral fan to provide the air supply and takes only 15 minutes to reach working temperature. It can reach a temperature of 1,500°C. It has a 340mm diameter working area and can work up to 50mm steel bar. The ceramic chip technology minimises surface scale formation.

The brazing hearth has an area of 0.23 square metres with a heavy duty refractory base. The RF80 brazing torch, which delivers up to 80,000BTU of heat output, can be replaced by a Flamefast RF10 jewellery torch for fine work. All Flamefast RF torches have a single hand-wheel control to give ease of flame control and a constant flame pattern over the range of flame sizes. The torches are ignited electronically.

All sequences of operation are visually displayed using neon indicators. On start-up, the gas train, hoses and torches are tested for escaping gas. Leaks from any component will result in a continuously illuminated red neon and the main flow of gas will be prevented from entering the system.

As with all Flamefast equipment, the DS430S Chip Forge/Single Brazing Hearth is covered by the Flamefast unconditional
2-year warranty.

*Picture is for reference only and may differ from the final product

Key Features

  • Especially useful where space limitations are a consideration
  • Unit consists of a ceramic chip forge and a single brazing hearth usually equipped with a Flamefast RF80 brazing torch
  • Can be run on either Natural Gas or LPG bottled gas
  • Shown with Varivac extraction canopy
  • Optional extras available


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Specifications / Additional Info

TOTAL GAS PERFORMANCE (Please state gas type when ordering)

Natural Gas 4.9 m3/h 165 000 50.0 20 mbar
Propane 3.7 kg/h 165 000 50.0 35 mbar
Butane 3.8 kg/h 165 000 50.0 28 mbar
Electrics 120 Watts - 220 - 240 volts single phase


  • Fume extraction
  • RF10 Fine Jewellery brazing torch
  • 300mm revolving brazing table
  • Brazing kit

Standard Equipment (Forging)

  • Push-button no-volt release starter
  • Ceramic hearth
  • Automatic safety check of controls and air fan
  • Full manual control of hearth conditions
  • Whisper quiet air blower fan
  • Indicator status lights
  • Gas non-return valve
  • 12.5kg of ceramic chippings
  • Operation/Instruction manual
  • Side and rear heat shields
  • Rake iron

Standard Equipment (Brazing)

  • 1 asbestos-free heat resistant refractory hearths
  • 2 full size Heat Reflective Blocks
  • 4 half size Heat Reflective Blocks
  • Push-button no-volt release starter
  • 1 RF80 brazing torches
  • Colour coded reinforced gas and air hoses
  • Whisper quiet air blower fan
  • Push button electronic ignition
  • Auto gas leak proving system on start up
  • Indicator status lights
  • Gas non-return valve
  • Operation/Instruction manual

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