Pickling Bench

Pickling Bench

Providing total safety for all acid related projects within craft, design and technology departments, the Flamefast Pickling Bench is a unique dual purpose unit which, for the first time, combines an acid bath with a glazed ceramic sink for hot and cold water Continue reading


  • Model Pickling Bench
  • Size (cm) 120 X 63.5 X 95H
  • Net Weight (kg) N/A
  • Gross Weight (kg) N/A

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The unique design, which complements the Flamefast range of Gas Equipment, ensures that from an initial immersion of metals in acid to subsequent cleaning in water, the student is totally protected from dangerous acid splashes. The Pickling Bench worktop is manufactured from acid proof heat stabilised polypropylene and is self-draining with front and side raised edges and back stand. The safe evacuation of the acid bath is by means of a weir type drain tube and plug lock.

This feeds directly into a dilution recovery trap. The acid bath is covered by a polypropylene lid with an inset clear view window and a locking hinge which allows the lid to be left in the upright position. This upright lid acts as an anti-splash shield when transferring metals from the acid bath to the sink. The lid also offers anti-splash protection whilst working in the acid bath.

The glazed ceramic sink is a generous 455 x 350 x 205mm deep with a swivel arm mixer tap. The Pickling Bench also provides ample under sink storage within the double doored lockable cupboard.

*Picture is for reference only and may differ from the final product

Key Features

  • Pickling bath with large earthenware sink
  • Lid doubles as anti-splash protection
  • Polycarbonate window for viewing work in progress
  • Acid proof heat stabilised polypropylene worktop
  • Self draining worktop and back stand
  • Front and side raised edges
  • Weir type drain tube and plug lock allow safe acid evacuation
  • Ample undersink storage with lockable double doors


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*Picture is for reference only and may differ from the final product

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