CM450 Safety Tilt Crucible Furnace

CM450 Safety Tilt Crucible Furnace

This easy to use furnace is ideal for fast melts of aluminium. The unit incorporates the Flamefast tilt and pour principle, which ensures safer metal pouring and extended crucible life Continue reading


  • Model CM450
  • Size (cm) 45 X 33 X 33H
  • Net Weight (kg) 15
  • Gross Weight (kg) N/A

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The Crucible Furnace is usually placed on a Flamefast Raised Sand Tray (1200 (L) x 800 (W) x 300mm (H)) which removes the need for a casting pit. The sand tray raises the crucible to a more convenient working height and means that only protective leggings are needed rather than protective footwear.

The burner has a piezo igniter and is fitted with flame failure protection. The essential simplicity of the CM450 means that the unit requires minimum maintenance

A durable stainless steel top tile preheat ingots of Aluminium to improve the casting operation

If required the drum assembly can be detached and carried to the mould using the Combined Lifting and Pouring Tools which are available as optional extras.

As with all Flamefast equipment, the CM450 Safety Tilt Crucible Furnace is covered by the Flamefast unconditional 2-year warranty.

*Picture is for reference only and may differ from the final product

Key Features

  • Runs on either Natural Gas or on LPG bottled gas
  • Melts up to 2 litres of Aluminium in 35 minutes
  • Temperature range - 950°C to 1000°C
  • Melt time of 40 - 60 minutes based on Grade LM4 Aluminium which can be supplied by Flamefast
  • Safety tilt crucible removes the need to lift the pot unless required. If required, a special lifting frame lifts the whole drum safely
  • COSHH Regulations compliant


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Specifications / Additional Info

TOTAL GAS PERFORMANCE (Please state gas type when ordering)

Natural Gas 0.94 m3/h 34 500 10.1 20 mbar
Propane 0.7 kg/h 34 500 10.1 35 mbar
Butane 0.68 kg/h 34 500 10.1 28 mbar
Max Temp 950°C - 1000°C
Electrics 3A fused spur required for interlock solenoid only


Aluminium 2.9 kg in 25 minutes

Melt times are based on Grade LM4 Aluminum and should range from 40 minutes to 60 minutes

Standard Equipment

  • Piezo ignition and flame failure device
  • Super efficient insulation
  • ATP10 capacity crucible pot
  • Crucible lid
  • Tilt handle
  • Pouring gauge
  • Degassing plunger
  • Skimming ladle / dross lifter
  • Safety burner
  • Cut-out prevents burner from operating when the drum is lifted
  • Operation / Instruction manual

Optional Extras

  • Replacement ATP10 crucible pot and lid
  • Raised sand tray, 1200 x 800 x 300 mm (no need for a casting pit)
  • Face shield
  • Heat resistant gloves
  • Chrome leather leggings
  • Chrome leather apron
  • Combined lifting and pouring handles for multiple pours
  • Hardware support casting kit
  • Moulding Bench
  • Fume extraction to meet the requirements of COSHH Regulations

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