CRM700 Melting Crucible Furnace

CRM700 Melting Crucible Furnace

Specifically designed for use in industry and education, the CRM 700 Crucible Furnace is capable of melting a range of metals including aluminium, brass, gold and silver Continue reading


  • Model CRM700
  • Size (cm) 50 X 58.3 X 100H
  • Net Weight (kg) 75
  • Gross Weight (kg) n/a

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The CRM 700 has a motorised safety tilt system that is push button operated. When the tilt button is pressed the unit will slowly rise from the rest position towards the pouring position. With the tilt button pressed, the unit will slowly pour the molten metal into the target mould. When the tilt button is released, the unit begins to return to the rest position.

The unit can be held in one position by continuously pressing and releasing the tilt button. Ignition is automatic and there is automatic flame control with no user interaction required. On ignition, the crucible is automatically put on low heat for about 5 minutes to preheat the chamber and crucible pot before ramping up to full heat input. This helps to reduce the risk of thermal shock.

The furnace has the ability to think for itself. It can re-establish firing conditions, maintain correct gas/air ratios and shut off safely if the mains electrical power or gas is cut off. Efficient insulation and refractory materials give fast heating together with fuel gas economy.

*Picture is for reference only and may differ from the final product

Key Features

  • Weight Limit 10kg
  • Melts 11 kg of Copper or Zinc in 35 minutes and 4 kg of Aluminium in 25 minutes
  • Maximum temperature 1200°C
  • Push-button operated motorised safety tilt system
  • Designed to work with natural gas, propane, or butane
  • COSHH Regulations compliant


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Specifications / Additional Info

TOTAL GAS PERFORMANCE (Please state gas type when ordering)

Natural Gas 2.73 m3/h 100 000 29.3 20 mbar
Propane 2.1 kg/h 100 000 29.3 35 mbar
Butane 2.1 kg/h 100 000 29.3 28 mbar
Max Temp 1200°C
Electrics 120 Watts - 220 - 240 volts single phase

Standard Equipment

  • Whisper quiet blower fan
  • Super efficient insulation
  • Push button, no volt release starter
  • Requires manual restart after power failure
  • Electronic flame failure protection with automatic ignition
  • Gas non-return valve
  • AX25 Crucible Pot
  • Operation / Instruction Manual


  • Replacement AX25 crucible pot
  • Face shield (Polycarbonate)(22mm)
  • Heat resistant gloves
  • Chrome leather leggings
  • Chrome leather apron
  • Hardware support casting kit
  • Moulding Bench

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