EM221 & EM222 Jewellery Benches

EM221 & EM222 Jewellery Benches

Flamefast offer a choice of two of the finest quality twin position jewellery benches both of which are fitted with gas torches selected from the Flamefast range. Continue reading


  • Model EM221 / EM222
  • Size (cm) 200 X 60.5 X 75.6H
  • Net Weight (kg) N/A
  • Gross Weight (kg) N/A

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Flamefast offer the finest quality twin position jewellery bench supplied with factory fitted gas/air manifolds, air supply safety protection and jewellery torches. Installation is simple, requiring only a gas connection and an electricity supply point. All benches are manufactured from the finest quality seasoned timbers with tops made of 50mm thick solid beech.

They operate with the unique RF10 Jewellery Torch, which automatically supplies the correct/ air mixture with the turn of one single control valve. This is convenient to any operator but will give confidence to younger students in particular, enabling them to produce a higher standard of work in a shorter time. Quietness of operation is essential when instructing young student and in the professional environment. Flamefast benches are fitted with the famous ‘whisper quiet’ blower fan, which is specially designed to provide combustion air for the soldering torches.

Key Features

  • 2x RF10 jewellery torches with colour coded reinforced gas and air hoses
  • Flexible approved gas hose for connection
  • Double solenoid and non-return valve fitted to gas inlet
  • Gas/air manifolds rear and front
  • 9MS8 Blower Fan - single phase
  • Torch support stand to suit
  • No volt starter
  • Self ignition system fitted
  • Incorporates gas proving system, interlocked with C02 monitor


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Specifications / Additional Info

TOTAL GAS PERFORMANCE (Please state gas type when ordering)

Natural Gas 0.54 m3/h 20 mbar
Propane 0.42 kg/h 35 mbar
Butane 0.42 kg/h 28 mbar
Units for other types of gas can be supplied. Please ask for details
Electrics 120 Watts - 220 - 240 volts single phase

Optional Extras

  • 300 mm diameter revolving brazing table
  • Carton on 10 or 20 heat reflective block
  • Non asbestos heat resistant protective sheet for bench top surround
  • Wheelchair access option available
  • Single station available
  • LEV is required

Designed to provide safe working tools and materials for use with Flamefast Gas Equipment. Available in kits or as individual items.

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Operating Instructions

  1. Turn all unit operating valves to the horizontal ‘OFF’ Position.
  2. Press the Green Start Button
  3. Unit will commence a start up sequence. The 2 following lights will become amber as the sequence progresses. ‘Blower Fan On’ and‘ Gas Proving’.
  4. Wait for green ‘Unit Ready’ light to come on. This can take up to 35 seconds.
  5. If the unit fails in this sequence the fault lies in the next action.
  6. If a gas supply is not detected the ‘No Gas Pressure’ light will be the only illuminated neon.
  7. If internal Gas Solenoid coils fail, the ‘Proving Valve Fault’ or ‘Main Valve Fault’ neon will light up.
  8. Please call a Flamefast Engineer on +44 (0)1925 281230

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