LN2000 Gas Fired Kiln

LN2000 Gas Fired Kiln

A large multi-purpose semi muffle gas fired kiln for both the professional and student user. The LN2000 provides controlled heat up to a maximum temperature in excess of 1100°C. The constant heat input and space-age insulation produce a stable operating temperature with minimum gas usage. Continue reading


  • Model LN2000
  • Size (cm) External:
    48 X 43.5 X 65.5H
    30 X 34 X 30H
  • Net Weight (kg) 47
  • Gross Weight (kg) N/A
  • Gas Type Natural, Propane or Butane

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Designed for use in well ventilated areas, the LN2000 runs on natural gas or bottled gas (LPG). The flush fitting chamber-sized door permits full use of all of the chamber volume.

The LN2000 can be used for:

Pottery Work

The LN2000 is ideal for glazing small single items of pottery. Glazing is usually done at just over 1000°C. Decorating pottery before glazing is difficult as many of the colours used will not stand up to the high temperatures used in glazing. Most decorating is done after glazing and then re-glazed and enamel fired at around 750°C.


Designed for the professional or student enameller, the fast heat up times allow enamelling to begin within 10 minutes. Large capacity and even heat distribution allow larger objects to be enamelled. The top outer casing of the kiln heats up sufficiently to enable the drying of enamels to be carried out.

Metal Heat Treatment

The LN2000 is ideal for heat treatment, hardening, case hardening and tempering of tools and components. The kiln's maximum temperature of over 1100°C quickly melts small quantities of metal e.g. aluminium and brass.

Wax Burnouts

Superb for the investment casting process, the kiln provides good capacity and a clean burn with excellent ventilation. The heat control valve provides controlled even heat up to 1100°C.

Melting Precious Metals

The LN2000 is ideal for melting small amounts of precious metals in a short space of time. A solid refractory base tile easily accommodates a large range of metal melting crucibles for gold, silver and other precious metals.

Laboratory Work

The LN2000 is a good general semi muffle gas fired kiln which provides controlled heat up to a maximum temperature in excess of 1100°C in 30 minutes.

Dental Work

A multi-purpose gas fired kiln that is safe, clean, fast with controllable temperature. The LN2000 is ideal for gold casting (inlays and dentures); heating rings for porcelain bonding to gold and non-precious alloys and cobalt chrome dentures.

*Picture is for reference only and may differ from the final product

Key Features

  • For professional and student use
  • Designed for use in well ventilated areas
  • Piezo Spark Ignition - eliminates lighting problems
  • Flame Failure Device - no flame - no gas
  • Heat Control Valve provides simple, safe temperature control
  • Unique Safety Door - provides minimum heat exposure
  • Heats up to 850°C in 10 minutes, 1100°C in 30 minutes
  • Casing Heat Guard available as optional extra


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Specifications / Additional Info


The LN2000 Gas Fired Kiln has many uses including pottery metal heat treatment, enamelling, melting precious metals and wax burn-outs. It is used by students of Jewellery, and laboratory technicians.


The LN2000 Kiln reaches 850°C in only 10 minutes and can reach 1100°C in 30 minutes.

TOTAL GAS PERFORMANCE (Please state gas type when ordering)

Natural Gas 0.6 m3/h 11 000 3.22 20 mbar
Propane 0.46 kg/h 11 000 3.22 35 mbar
Butane 0.46 kg/h 11 000 3.22 28 mbar

Optional Extras

Casing Heat Guard to lower outer casing temperature.

Efficient in use

The constant heat input combined with space-age insulation produces a stable operating temperature with minimum gas usage.


Please Note the LN2000 Gas Fired Kiln requires extraction

According to Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, BS 4163 and COSHH Regulations it is mandatory that all fumes must be removed at source.

Simple to Install and Maintain

Designed for use in well ventilated areas the LN2000 runs on natural gas or bottled gas (LPG).

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