Brake System Simulator - FF12275

Brake System Simulator - FF12275

FF12275 - Hydraulic Double Circuit Brake System Simulator - Electrical Continue reading


  • Model FF12275
  • Size (cm) 120 X 160 X 154H
  • Net Weight (kg) 270
  • Gross Weight (kg) 400

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The simulator is composed by authentic elements from the braking system of a medium powered vehicle. The functioning is guaranteed by means of a three-phase electric motor 380V, which transmits the motion to the front and to the rear wheels in the two directions by means of an hydraulic engine. The servo brake is connected to a vacuum pump in order to simulate its motion. A range of manometers and taps allow to measure and to change the pressure in the two systems (front and rear) The braking pedal is connected to a lever in order to measure the foot effort during the braking phase.

*Picture is for reference only and may differ from the final product

Key Features

  • 2 disc brakes conencted to a constant speed joint
  • 2 drum brakes connected to axle shafts
  • Double circuit with hydraulic brake pump with tank
  • Depression servo brake with pedal
  • Hand brake lever connected to rear drums
  • Hydraulic ECU connected to an hydraulic engine order to transmit the motion to the wheels
  • A range of manometers to measure the pressures
  • A range of taps to simulate circuit interruptions
  • Vacuum pump for servo brake


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Specifications / Additional Info


This item has been created in order for students to:

  • Practice the maintenance of the braking system
  • Test the efficiency of the braking system
  • Simulate the front and rear circuit failures
  • Simulate the presence of water in the breaking system
  • Recognise whether there is the servo brake or not
  • Observe the functioning of the service brake
  • Test the efficiency of the braking ststem when the brake temperature changes

*Picture is for reference only and may differ from the final product

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