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  • Model SafeFlame
  • Gas Type No Gas only water and electricity

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SAFEFLAME is a new generation device that will modernise the traditional methods of oxy-acetylene and gas-air brazing

Safeflame is the development of a "safer and better brazing flame for joining", by using Hydrogen and Oxygen from Electrolysis of deionised water needing only water and electricity.

*Picture is for reference only and may differ from the final product

Key Features

  • No compressed gases required.
  • Eliminates acetylene, oxygen and LPG cylinder.
  • No mains gas - simple plug and play system.
  • No cylinder rental and storage issues.
  • No cylinder regulators to be serviced and maintained.
  • Lower running costs than acetylene and oxygen.
  • Hydrogen and oxygen for “safer” brazing…no light back!
  • Improved heat transfer profile from the flame.
  • Impinging flame wraps round joint - No hot spots.
  • Excellent for detailed & intricate brazing.
  • Simple and safe to use – less user training required.
  • Potentially lower Insurance costs.
  • Greater control of the flame – ability to switch between low and high flames.
  • Portable / Mobile unit.
  • 13 AMP supply, 220-240 volts supply compliant.


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