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  • Model Professional
  • Size (cm) 60 W x 84 H x 46 D
  • Net Weight (kg) 10.1 kg - approx

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The Professional Training System forms a complete solar-hydrogen energy circuit. Electric current is generated by a solar cell, stored by means of electrolysis and converted back in a fuel cell which supplies a consumer.

The Professional Training System supports you in presentations to the class. Solar technology and fuel cells can be investigated in detail. Large components and easy-to-read displays are ideal for group presentations. Pre-configured experiments and comprehensive documentation simplify lesson preparation.

Key Features

  • Demonstration unit for classroom-style teaching
  • Suitable for communicating subject matter from physics, chemistry and technology curricula
  • Basic design of fuel cells and solar cells
  • How to measure the current and the voltage of the fuel cell and electrolyzer
  • Energy storage and use of renewable energies
  • Chemical reactions of the entire energy conversion chain
  • Water to hydrogen and oxygen
  • Hydrogen generation by means of electrolysis via solar module or hand generator
  • Quick guide for fast commissioning
  • Complete energy conversion chain from solar energy to hydrogen and into electrical energy again
  • Observing increased efficiency of fuel cells


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Specifications / Additional Info

Product Options

Professional Complete - Ref No 392 Professional Demo - Ref No 391
Basic experiments and in-depth experiments for various fuel cell types A variety of basic experiments for physics, chemistry or technology lessons
  • Electrolyzer
  • Solar Panel
  • Double Fuel Cell
  • Load
  • Instruction material with Experiment Guide + CD
  • Measuring Unit*
  • Electrolyzer
  • Solar Panel
  • Double Fuel Cell
  • Load
  • Instruction material with Experiment Guide + CD


Lamp - Ref No 314 Lamp for operating the solar cell

*Measuring unit only included with Professional Complete

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