Flamefast Group Acquire Weldspares, Warrington


We are delighted to announce that Flamefast, leading experts in the supply of engineering workshop solutions and equipment have acquired Weldspares Ltd as part of its expansion plans.

What Is A Crucible Furnace?


A crucible furnace is a simple and very old type of melting unit commonly used in foundry. The crucible furnace typically uses a refectory crucible with contains a metal charge. The actual crucible is a container that can withstand very high temperatures and is therefore used to melt materials such as metals.

Vocational College Courses


Vocational college courses are a mainstay regarding mechanical engineering and maintenance.
If you love cars, trucks or motorbikes, such a course could be right up your street. 

Do you spend hours looking under a bonnet, do you care how automotive systems such as engines and breaking systems work.
If so you should seriously think about taking a place on a motor vehicle technicians course. The work will be varied but most importently the training will be invaluable.

What is Brazing?


Simply, various materials, commonly steel, can be joined together using a heat treatment technique called brazing. All you need is a high temperature and a piece of equipment called a brazing hearth.