A fully modular and flexible system designed for the development of professional skills related to pneumatics and electro-pneumatics Continue reading


  • Model Pneutrainer-400

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A fully modular and flexible system designed for the development of professional skills related to pneumatics and electro-pneumatics.

End-to-end solution for training in pneumatics and electro-pneumatics.

This industrial system uses SMC components on panel mounting plate for implementing and control of pneumatic and electro pneumatic circuits

Its flexibility makes PNEUTRAINER-400 equipment adaptable to all types of user requirements and needs. It also makes a staggered investment over time possible.

Ideal for developing the following skills:

  • Analysis
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Designing
  • Technical document creation
  • Installation and assembly
  • Technical document understanding
  • Operation
  • Programming

Key Features

Assembly Panels

Based on an anodized extruded aluminium structure, these assembly panels offer various options. From the basic horizontal panel to the mobile table, we offer solutions adapted to all user requirements.

The rolling table includes a panel which enables users to work on both sides at the same time. It also includes a support shelf for component drawers and the pneumatic compressor.

All the options provide a perfect basis to carry out a range of practical activities.

Industrial Materials

All the components used are industrial. Developed and manufactured by SMC and popular throughout the world, they meet the highest quality levels. The components are mounted on a base plate. In order to be identified correctly they have a label with a corresponding reference as well as standardized symbols.


The pneumatic components incorporate instant connectors for 4 mm pipes. The electropneumatic components have 4 mm instant connecting safety cables.


The standard kits include a storage system in EUROBOX containers with trays which allow perfect identification and storage whilst occupying minimum space. These boxes and trays can also be purchased for the storage of customized kits.


PNEUTRAINER-400 has 6 standard sets of components defined for training demands at different educational levels. Also, the user can configure personalised kits to meet their needs or to complement a previous purchase.


Specifications / Additional Info

Pneutrainer-400 - Extra Equipment

There are other products in the range to complement Pneutrainer-200

  • VAC-400

    • The VAC-400 equipment is particularly designed to develop skills related to vacuum technology.
  • AutoSIM-200

    • autoSIM-200 is software that can design and simulate pneumatic, electro-pneumatic, hydraulic circuits, etc. It is also used for programming them plus monitoring and control of pre-defined 2D and 3D models.
  • Pneutrainer-400 complete laboratory

    • Discover our proposal for laboratories and the best combination of the PNEUTRAINER-400 and other accessories.

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