Training Equipment

Training Equipment
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  1. RAB-200 - Remote Access Box
    RAB-200 - Remote Access Box
    RAB-400 is the comprehensive solution that allows you to connect, control and...
  2. RTS-200 Robotic Operation
    RTS-200 Robotic Operation
    The RTS-200 training system provides participants with a hardware platform for...
  3. SENSOTRAINER-200 - Sensor technology trainer
    SENSOTRAINER-200 - Sensor technology trainer
    The SENSOTRAINER-200 is the sensor technology trainer that allows the study of...
  4. SIF400 - Smart Innovative Factory
    SIF400 - Smart Innovative Factory
    The SIF-400 training system simulates a highly automated smart factory,...
  5. SMC PNEUTRAINER-400 - Pneumatics
    SMC PNEUTRAINER-400 - Pneumatics
    PNEUMATICS & ELECTRO PNEUMATICSPNEUTRAINER-400 - is a fully modular and...
  6. VAC-400 - Vacuum technology
    VAC-400 - Vacuum technology
    Given the increasing demand by companies for qualification in vacuum...
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